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Kevin McMillan

kevin mcmillian

As far back as I can remember my passion and love in life has been animals and the animal kingdom. Growing up on a diet of David Attenborough documentaries and shelves filled with Bird books, it was always a dream and ambition to work in and around nature. As a five year old I bought my first homing pigeon, and by the age of ten has flown some of the best pigeons in Scotland, picking up awards for races and best breeds. As a child I was the local Dr Doo Little, with neighbours sending their finds of hungry hedgehogs, fledging birds, and stray cats to my door for love and care.

In my teens my passion grew and took me into different aspects of animal care, and I became an avid keeper and breeder of rare tropical fish, and became part of one of Glasgow’s most renowned fish clubs, The Clyde Fish Association. Travelling the UK we took part in specialised breeding programs, which still influence the breeds available today.

Aside from my passion of animals, I worked my way up within the Boy Scout Movement, and from a tender age of eight went through Cubs, Scouts, Venture Scouts, and onto being a Scout Leader for many years until my own children were born.

I studied Economics and Management Studies at Glasgow University, before embarking on my first business which was known as Balloons and Parties, a professional balloon artist, providing decoration and displays for weddings, birthdays, and corporate events. This is where the seeds of where we are today were sown. That initial business in Balloon decoration introduced me into the world of children’s entertainment, where Mr Pickles the Clown was born. With big silver shoes, an orange wig, and not the best makeup, I provided hundreds of parties throughout Glasgow for two years. The passion for animals still burned inside, and I suppose it was inevitable that one day I’d be where I belonged, and loved to be, around all creatures great and small. Mr Pickles had a mouse and rabbit as part of his magic show, and the children’s responses to them was amazing. So without too much thought the magic show soon became more like an animal show, and then came the moment I suppose I’d always dreamt about, working with animals. I realised the affinity children had with animals, and it the benefits it brought to them, and the joy it brought to everyone else. So one day “Animal Man” was born, and it’s been one crazy journey so far. So for over ten years Animal Man and Animal Man’s Mini Zoo have been providing animal handling experiences to literally hundreds of thousands of children, and adults. We visit hundreds of schools and nurseries every year including visiting over 50 special needs schools throughout Central Scotland.

We have seen over the years the huge benefits that young children gain from being around animals. The educational benefits are huge, but more importantly the social skills developed with being around animals is unmeasurable.

Children can interact with animals on a different level as they would with other children, and they can often make lasting bonds that help develop their own ability to engage with other children and adults. We see a large percentage of our audience at schools that have developed phobias and fears, which are often passed on from parents and peers. If you can introduce children at a young enough age to create bonds with certain animals before fear creeps in, then you stand a much higher chance of raising a confident child in all respects, especially with regards to relationships with animals. So from our working experience and our own passions and beliefs we felt we needed to provide a platform for young children to have the opportunity to engage with nature and the animal kingdom. We wanted to do this not just as a one off, but as an ongoing experience, something that can grow with them, and have a positive influence on their lives. Here is where Zoo Tots begins.

Craig Stevenson


I am a recent honours graduate from the University of Glasgow with a degree in Veterinary Bioscience with extensive knowledge of all our animals here at ZooTots including their welfare and well-being. From 2010 to 2014 I studied a whole range of aspects involving mammalian, avian and reptilian biology alongside their influence in our lives from a young age. Through specific course syllabuses on early human and animal behaviour, along with an understanding of knowing how to meet the needs of pets, I have seen the effect that animals can have on people from babies, through building confidence and developing cognitive ability, right through to the elderly where animals can provide some light relief and therapy.

I found a burning desire to help build our business ZooTots, after working in partnership with the well respected SSPCA over a 12 week project in 2014. In my time at the rescue centres, I seen firsthand the results of neglect and a misunderstanding of what is required to enable us to care for pets here in Scotland. As such, I hope that here at ZooTots we can help develop that knowledge from a young age by introducing a whole variety of species to your children to get them familiarised with some great animals

Throughout my education and early career I have been driven towards animal care and education and I believe the prospect of ZooTots is exciting not only for ourselves but for your children too.

Previous employment in several large soft play areas and toddler groups allowed me to interact with children of all ages and understand the importance of cerebral development throughout a child’s early years.

Working with Animal Man’s Mini Zoo, a sister to ZooTots, we aimed to provide educational but entertaining shows to schools, nurseries and birthday parties and I personally aim to bring a similar approach to our sessions .

Through a combination of my knowledge and experience of working with animals and children, We hope to build an ideology here at ZooTots to enable us to provide a safe, fun and education environment to improve children’s physical, emotional and social skills.