Zoo Tots classes are one hour long in duration and encompass an array of activities designed to help your little ones learn and grow, and develop key core skills in engagement, confidence and interaction. Each week we will have four different animals and these will form the basis of each class, with other activities structured around our weekly visitors. Our classes are structured in a particular way to maximise enjoyment and development. Our Zoo Tot presenters will use a variety of props, and games to reinforce learning and differentiation of colours and shapes, and establish a capacity to remember numbers and counting. Through song and music we’ll encourage children to vocalise and communicate.


Zoo Tots is all about getting involved, and interacting with children of similar ages. Our presenters maximise this by using space and movement to keep the class dynamic, and not only will children be having fun, they’ll be burning off a lot of energy too. Zoo Tots core objectives within each class are firstly to have fun, secondly to learn and grow, and thirdly to provide a space for parents to establish lasting friendships with other parents. Most parent to parent friendships are made during the early years of your child’s life, and often prove to be the most important bonds that parents will make in respect to their young ones social circles.

Our Zoo Tots classes are structured in a particular way to help maintain confidence and familiarity. The class is broken down into well planned segments which are as follows:

  • Zoo Tots Class structure.
  • Registration- Fun for all
  • Soft Play – Coffee and tea for the adults
  • First animal- Greet, meet, hands on sensory experience
  • Second Animal- Greet, meet, hands on interaction and sensory experience
  • Third Animal- Greet, meet, and hands on interaction and sensory experience
  • Feeding Station- The children feed the animals
  • Magic Soap Time- Quick Fun hand wash
  • Games/Music time
  • Mascot animal- Meet Zoo Tots Mascot Snowie the rabbit
  • Magic Soap Time
  • Bye bye and Hand stamp.

Each week at Zoo Tots we’ll be providing great coffee and teas from all over the globe, and a little café culture.

We know as parents the need to recharge and relax in a friendly environment, and that’s what we aim to provide. So while your little ones are having fun, you can relax and watch them learning and developing.

We do encourage parents to take part too, and some little one’s may need the security of their parents to get involved, so it’s really all about going at the pace that your little one is comfortable with.

Each week we’ll also bring along a different team of animals, so that every week is different and provides the opportunity for your little ones to get to know different types, breeds, and species of animals. We’ll also bring along a Mascot animal, which will always be the same, and this helps develop your little ones ability to form relationships and friendships. It gives them something familiar that they can relate to throughout the week.

Zoo Tots has been built on the back of over a decade of experience in children’s education and animal handling workshops within nurseries, schools, and toddler groups. So you can be assured that each class will be delivered by an experienced presenter and the company ethos and passion will be carried through at every level.

We look forward to meeting you and your little ones at one of our Zoo Tot Classes.