Animal Handling School Visits

animal handling school visits

Zoo Tots not only provide weekly classes throughout Central Scotland for parents and toddlers, but we also deliver educational Animal Handling School Visits. With a wealth of knowledge and years of experience in children’s entertainment, we have what it takes to provide an entertaining yet educational experience for primary 1’s to primary 7’s, and also into secondary school. Animal Handling School Visits are an essential teaching tool and greatly enhances learning in the class. Bringing real mammals, reptiles, amphibians, arachnids, birds, and insects, it’s as close to nature you can get without travelling hundreds of miles. We bring the rainforest to you! We bring the farm to you! We bring the desert to you! All tied in with the curriculum of excellence, we hit thee marks and cover the points that most teachers find it hard to, due to money and transport issues. With fully trained animals handlers providing our Animal Handling School Visits you’ll be guaranteed to broaden the learning sphere of your pupils.

animal handling school visits

Animal Handling School Visits – Mini Zoo

Zoo Tots have a huge team of animals, ranging in species, size, and types. We’ve got ducks, chicken, snakes, lizards, spiders, frogs, toads, insects, guinea pigs, rabbits, mice, rats, skinny pigs, and much more. Animal Handling School Visits are essential in bringing the hands on experience of what you are teaching at a theory level. We bring the classroom to life. It’s a great opportunity for great photographs and videos for the school and social media. Our Animal Handling School Visits encourage the children to interact with our animals, enabling them to have first hand experience, and to give them confidence in what they are learning, and also confidence in themselves.

Animal Handling School Visits – Petting Zoo

We can come along to your school for a variety of visits. We do one hour class visits, half day and full day school visits. It’s very good value ranging from £100 to £300. Some schools also take a £1-£2 donation from the children to pay for the visit, so it’s a win win experience and doesn’t take away from the school budget. Zoo Tots Petting Zoo’s and class talks are great fun, and we are out at the same schools year after year.  If you’d like to book a Animal Handling school visit or nursery visit then email or call Kate or Kevin on 0141-649-7181 or 0131-516-8850.