kids classes West of Scotland

kids classes

Kids Classes –  Weekly Toddler groups

Zoo Tots are the fastest growing toddler class provider in Scotland. With weekly kids classes, we aim to hit all the right spots for parents and the little one. The ethic of Zoo Tots is to indulge your imagination and have fun. Each week our kids classes run at local venues throughout out the West of Scotland. Presented by our trainers and enthusiastic presenters we strive to made Zoo Tots the main course in your weekly diet of kids classes. There are Toddler groups a plenty, and we’re joining in to make it even more exciting.  Zoo Tots are bringing something very unique to the toddler class market. We’re into our education big time, and have a great team here, who between us have a great skill set.

kids classes

kids classes

Kids Classes – Glasgow West Scotland

Our kid classes here at Zoo Tots are growing fast, and we’re loving every minute of our jobs. We started small and working our way out in a controlled and enjoyable fashion. We’ve now got over 15 classes and aim to have 30 by the end of the first quarter in 2015. So keep an eye on our progress, and come along for the journey and join in the fun at Zoo Tots. Zoo Tots offer something unique. We not only put on classes for children, but we aim to entertain the mummies and daddies too, and also provide a unique cafe experience which you won’t find at any other toddler class.

Kids Classes – Cafe experience

Our Cafe experience each week is something for the adults to look forward too. Each week we offer two distinct types of coffees from across the globe, presented in a lovely presentation, where you can also pick from lovely teas. You don’t just get coffee for the class, you can take it away with you too in our nice coffee cups. So come along and try Zoo Tots for one of your weekly kids classes.