Zoo Tots offer wonderful birthday party experiences. We come to you, whether it be your home or hired venue, and provide a fun packed, interactive, and dynamic party to remember. We take the stress away from you, leaving you to relax and enjoy the party atmosphere. With two party options it really easy. Just select what best suits your party needs and we do the rest.


Zoo Tots 30

A 30 minute party visit with 6 animals.

  • Animals include: Rabbit, guinea pig, duck, chicken, tortoise, and snake.
  • A great hands on experience
  • Great for all ages from one year olds and over.
  • Anywhere within 20 miles of Glasgow City Centre.
  • From £140

Zoo Tots 45

A 45 minute Zoo Tots Party experience with 8 animal

  • Animals include: rabbit, guinea pig, duck, chicken, tortoise, and snake, mouse and rat.
  • From £180


Zoo Tots 60

An action packed 60 minute party with 10 cool creatures.

  • Animals include: rabbit, guinea pig, duck, chicken, tortoise,snake, lizard, spider, rat, and mouse.
  • Hands on interaction, and loads of fun, stories, and animal facts.
  • We’ll have snakes around necks, chickens on arms, rats on shoulders, insects on hands, and much more.
  • We’ll also do a great treasure hunt where all the kids get to hunt around to find the animal treasures.
  • The party child also has the exciting chance to hold their favourite animals again at the end
  • Great for children 3 years and over
  • From £200