Terms & Conditions


  1. Although Zoo Tots shall provide anti-bacterial hand gels and ensure several cleaning hand washing sessions throughout the hour, it is the parent/guardians responsibility that each child has properly washed their hands before leaving the session, especially before any contact with food.
  2. As part of the Zoo Tots experience, hot coffee and tea shall be provided throughout the session and several precautions have been taken to ensure no accidents take place but it is the responsibility of parents/guardians that their children are a safe distance from our hot drinks section.
  3. When working with any animals or outdoors activities there is a potential for bacteria to passed to adults and children. As a result, we have a strict no food policy at our sessions.
  4. Zoo Tots will try it’s best to ensure every scheduled session runs as planned, however there may cancellations due to church hall prior commitments (around Christmas/Easter etc) or sessions me be postponed at short notice due to unforeseen circumstances. Refunds will be issued.
  5. Here at Zoo Tots we work with very friendly, well handled animals and although we do our best to minimize the risk we can’t 100% guarantee that an animal will not nip, scratch, poo or pee during the session.
  6. All the animals we use are deemed non-dangerous, and most are domestic animals kept as pets throughout the UK.
  7. As a member of Zoo Tots, you are expected to respect and value all members of the group and are responsible for your child’s safety and behaviour throughout our session.
  8. Soft play toys will be provided for use by children, and it is the parent/guardians responsibility to oversee these activities and maintain a safe experience.
  9. The classes are aimed at children of between 1-4 years, however that is not a restriction.
  10. Zoo Tots have the right to refuse entry to any adult/parent/guardian/child.
  11. Zoo Tots require payment upfront and before any classes or block bookings.
  12. When attending Zoo Tots parents/guardian have full responsibility for their children.
  13. Photographs may be taken at classes and distributed via social media. There is the chance that children may be in a photo of another child and this could be distribute via social media etc. Please confirm in writing via email to zootots@gmail.com if you wish for no photos of your child to be shared/posted on Social Media.