Children Party Glasgow and Edinburgh

Are you considering to throw a Children Party Glasgow and Edinburgh? Zoo Tots provide the perfect entertainment for your special day. There are many options for you, so you need to choose carefully. When hosting a children’s party it’s always a challenge to bring it all together. You need to consider where to host the party, in your home, or in a hired venue. You’ll need to consider when to hold it. The favourite spot of the day is 2-3pm, so try looking for something outside this time frame and you’ll have a lot more chance of booking the place and things you like. An early morning party is least favourite for some reason, but always has a better chance to being a success with lots more available to book. When booking Children Party Glasgow and Edinburgh also make sure that you find a company that is respectable and has a good reputation. We get requests almost every week from distraught parents wanting to book us last minute as their party entertainer has cancelled on the day. That’s not what you want when booking a Children Party Glasgow and Edinburgh. It’s very difficult to find an entertainer last minute, as most children’s entertainers will be busiest on the weekends and usually has at least two parties already booked in for that day. When booking Zoo Tots you have the assurance that we have back up entertainers, so in the event that an entertainer is ill we have cover on standby.

children party glasgow and edinburgh

Children Party Glasgow and Edinburgh – Zoo Tots

Zoo Tots cover central Scotland, so let us know where your party is taking place and date, and we’ll let you know if we can come along. Zoo Tots deliver a great party experience. With two party options you can have a 30 minute party visit with 6/7 animals for around £90, or you can book the full works, which is a 60 minute party with 11/12 animals, games, and fun. Our 60 minute party is around £140.

Children Party Glasgow and Edinburgh – Book Now

It’s easy to book your Zoo Tots party, just email or call 0141-649-7181 or 0131-516-8850. So book your Children Party Glasgow and Edinburgh now.